You’re Wasting Productive Hours – Ken Agyapong Chides Bishop Agyinasare For Fixing Church At 9am On A Weekday

Bishop Charles Agyin-Asare, the founder of the Perez Dome, has been criticized by by his former school mate, Hon. Kennedy Agyapong.

Kennedy Agyapong expressed his displeasure with  Bishop Charles Agyin-Asare who planned to hold a worship service early on a weekday.

Bishop Agyin-request Asare’s request for members of the congregation to be at church at 9 a.m.,  is a waste of productive time that could have been used to work. 
 per the opinion of Kennedy Agyapong,

Some Christians in Ghana devote considerable time praying and listening to God’s word in churches than at work, believing that manner will fall from Heaven just like the days of the Israelites on the desert.

Ken Agyapong appearing as a guest at Agyin-church, Asare’s stated the church leaders were not considerate in scheduling worship at such a period of the day, and that they should reorganize.

He expressed fear that coming to church at 9 a.m. on a working day could result in jeopardizing one’s job.

Away from that, The owner of the Despite Company Limited, Dr kwame Despite who hardly grants interviews has told Abeiku Santana in Twi that a linguist or spokesman cannot question his own chief since he has hired him to communicate on his behalf.

Osei Kwame Despite, a Ghanaian millionaire perfectly swerved the blogger with questions when he was asked to speak on camera.

He said: “If an Enkenkensu player, kicks from the corner, he goes to score by himself. If you interview me, then you are talking for me,”

When the rich and prominent people of Ghana arrived at the lavish birthday celebration from their various locales, it was a wonderful sight. The event gathered some prominent politicians, media celebrities, influencers, businessmen, artistes, and many more from all walks of life.

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