Working together can change wrong narratives of African fashion

Founder and Creative Director of Jane’s Fashion, Osasogie Idemudia, is urging fellow fashion designers to rally together and showcase Africa’s vibrant fashion scene on the global stage to challenge misconceptions about the continent’s fashion industry.

According to her, despite the continent’s burgeoning fashion industry, it has often been dismissed on the international scene as primitive and unable to meet contemporary standards.

The Ghana-based Nigerian fashion designer, speaking exclusively to the Daily Graphic, lamented this erroneous perception and called for collective action within the industry and its stakeholders to change the narrative.

“Many still view African fashion through a narrow lens, failing to recognise its richness and diversity. It’s imperative that we, as designers, unite to showcase the true essence of African fashion and dispel these misconceptions. Let us come together and showcase the best of African creativity and craftsmanship, so that we can pave the way for a more diverse and representative fashion landscape to overcome these entrenched stereotypes and biases.”

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Highlighting the untapped potential of the African fashion industry, she emphasised the need for designers to produce high-quality work that speaks for itself, stressing African designers can rewrite the narrative surrounding the continent’s fashion industry.

“We have the talent, the creativity and the passion to compete on the world stage. But we must collectively challenge the outdated perceptions that continue to hold us back. And I know we can do this with determination and perseverance. African fashion can rightfully claim its place on the global stage and setting new standards and inspire generations to come if those of us within the industry work closely together.”


Reflecting on her journey as a designer in Africa, Osasogie lamented that despite the glamorous projection often associated with the fashion industry, the reality was fraught with a lot of challenges.

According to her, there was the prevalent issue of limited resources and the constraints of infrastructure, which to her deter many passionate individuals from fully engaging in the fashion industry and even limited seasoned designers from reaching their full potential.

“In our part of the world, being a designer presents a unique set of challenges. From scarce resources to infrastructure limitations, and the relentless competition, the path is far from easy. Many people out there think hearing your brand being mentioned on the runway and people hailing you is all, but that is never true. There are so many challenges. But I believe within these challenges lies an opportunity for ingenuity, innovation and resilience.”

In a call to action, she implored fellow designers to embrace technological advancements to enhance their craft and adapt to evolving trends and consumer demands.

“Despite these obstacles, we must find ways to thrive. Additionally, we must embrace technology, form strategic alliances and remain steadfast in our creative vision. I strongly believe when we persevere and adapt to these new trends, we will carve out a distinct presence in this fiercely competitive world of fashion.”

Advice for emerging designers

Sharing insights into how emerging fashion designers could gain grounds in the industry and stay relevant, she urged them to cultivate the habit of learning and staying true to their vision.

“For emerging designers looking to make a mark in the fashion industry, my piece of advice would be to stay true to your unique vision, persevere in the face of challenges and never stop learning and evolving.

“Build a strong network of mentors, collaborators and supporters who share your values and can help you navigate the industry’s intricacies. And above all, trust in your creativity and passion to propel you forward,’ she stated.

Jane’s Fashion

Jane’s Fashion is an African-based fashion brand that caters to a diverse range of needs, from African fashion enthusiasts seeking authentic cultural expressions to individuals looking for contemporary designs with a touch of the African aesthetic.

The brand which operates in UK, Kenya, Nigeria and Ghana features a versatile array of styles, from traditional attire reimagined for modern sensibilities to trend-setting pieces that capture the essence of African heritage in innovative ways.


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