The wife who poured hot water on her husband!

Sounds weird but that’s the truth. She wanted a divorce and the husband denied her.

So why didn’t she leave?

Her father is the book law type and very strict. He’d send her back immediately so she wanted the husband to divorce her so she’d get something to lean on.

It’s prayer time and everyone went to the mosque but her husband was asleep so she prepared hot water and added salt to it. She poured it on him while he was asleep and he shouted and woke up and she poured on the other side too.

He loves his wife so he made it a secret and didn’t tell anyone in his family. He took a taxi to the Mamoobi General Hospital. After examining him they told him it’s above them so he should go to the Ridge Hospital.

He wasn’t prepared for that so he came back home. He got in front of his house and collapsed and that was when it became public knowledge.

And he was rushed to the hospital. When she was confronted, she said she’d wanted to kill him and he is even lucky he survived.

Unfortunately, he died yesterday to be buried today.

They had 3 handsome boys and a beautiful girl and they’ve been married for almost 15 years now. The woman is currently in police custody and will appear before a law court soon In Shaa Allah.

Mallam Zuberu was a teacher at Adabiya Islamic School and the Imam of Alawiye Mosque at Akotex Accra Newtown. He will be buried after Zuhr prayers In Shaa Allah.

May Allah Grant him Eternal Peace and Grant him the Highest Jannah…..Aameen

Source: Scofield Ali Sabit

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