Western North Region most expensive for food in Ghana – New GSS report finds

The Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) launched its second Food Price Variability report today at the Accra Technical University (ATU), revealing significant differences in food prices across the country.

The report, which tracked prices for 10 food items from January 2023 to February 2024, found that the Western North Region emerged as the most expensive for consumers.

The food items tracked in cedis per kilogramme/litre were bread, beans, yam, noodles, cooking oil, tomato paste, milk, beef, iodated salt and imported rice.

Western North tops the charts

The report highlights the Western North Region as having the highest median prices for the chosen food items, ranking among the top 3 most expensive regions for six out of the ten.

This suggests that consumers in this region are likely paying more for their groceries compared to other parts of the country.

Interestingly, the study also reveals that price variations are more prominent within regions, rather than between them. This means that shopping around within your local area could lead to significant savings. Unsurprisingly, the report advises consumers to consider price differences between stores when making purchases.

Fresh produce leads price increases

The report further breaks down food price changes, indicating a steeper rise for unprocessed local food items like tomatoes, yam, and garden eggs.

This stands in contrast to processed local options like Ga kenkey, fried plantain with beans, and smoked herrings, which saw a more moderate increase.


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