Ugly comments bother me no more – Sunsum

Kumawood actor Sunsum, who used to be ashamed of his looks and even hid from people because of that has disclosed that he is no more bothered when he is called ugly.

In fact, he is unperturbed when people mock him because his looks have tremendously helped enhance his movie career. In addition to that, he now looks much better.

In an interview with Graphic Showbiz from his Kumasi base Sunsum said such unsavoury comments “don’t bother me at all these days.”

“I must admit that when I started acting some 19 years ago, I was very ugly but not anymore. God has been good to me and life has become better for me so that has automatically affected my looks, making me look better so you can’t refer to me as ugly anymore.

“I am not even bothered if you do. People used to laugh at my eyes especially, but that is my trademark and I am very proud of the person I have grown to become,” he said.

According to Sunsum, he entered the movie industry with the help of comedian Ecolac (deceased). Though he had done some not-so-popular movies by Ecolac, it was Jones Agyemang who introduced him to Miracle Films and he had his first major production titled Aboro Ne Bayie.

“It was through Aboro Ne Bayie that I got my name Sunsum because my character in that movie was called Sunsum. I became very popular after that movie and shot so many movies after that. I have acted with the likes of Katawere, Nana Ama McBrown, Emelia Brobbey, Paa George, Agya Koo, Asabea, Wayoosi, among others.”

When he was asked if he had become wealthy from acting all these years, Sunsum said: “Once we have life, there is no end to the wealth we can amass. I must admit that acting has really helped me because I come from a very poor background but now I am comfortable and I can take care of my mother. Back in the day, my mother and I used to live at a chop bar at Buokrom but not anymore.

“I have not achieved what I want but I am comfortable. I have met very influential people and travelled outside the country. Acting has really helped me and I have no regrets whatsoever. I am very grateful to God for how far He has brought me,” he stated.

Sunsum bemoaned hatred in the movie industry, saying: “In this industry, when you are doing better than your colleague, then hatred sets in. That is very unfortunate but it is something that is very prevalent in the movie industry.

“There are times your fellow actor will go behind you and tell a producer not to cast you when you may not have offended the person in any way. So these are some of the challenges we deal with. I serve a living God and he who has been blessed by God has been blessed.”

He also mentioned that most of the roles he played could be scary. “There was a time we went to the forest to shoot a wizard’s scene and we met a giant who didn’t say a word to any of us. Later when we went to the palace, we were told it was the god of their land and the only reason he didn’t harm us was because we were strangers,” he stated.

Sunsum contended that the industry had really gone down because back in the day he used to go on set every three days so it was very lucrative and fun but the situation was different now.

Interestingly, Sunsum also opines that it is the introduction of Multi TV decoders that has killed the movie industry.

“When you buy a Multi TV decoder, you can have access to about 200 channels and about 10 of these channels consistently show Ghanaian movies throughout.

“Some of our producers are also to blame. They sell movies to TV stations for as low as GH¢500 and these TV stations show the movies over a long period. I don’t agree with those who blame the fall of the movie industry on Telenovelas; it is the Multi TV decoders,” he concluded.

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