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Two days after they were married, a man discovers his wife is a man and files for divorce.

A man decided to end his marriage just two days after tying the knot, all because he stumbled upon a shocking secret about his newlywed wife.

Within just two days of their wedding, it came to light that his spouse had undergone a gender transition from male to female.

The individual, who requested to remain anonymous, revealed that he recently connected with his spouse through the popular social media platform, Facebook, approximately one month ago.

After engaging in a pleasant conversation on Facebook, they made the decision to meet in person. They ventured out to enjoy each other’s company over a cup of coffee and various other activities.

Throughout this entire time, there has been no cause for suspicion regarding her lifestyle or voice. In spite of that, her beauty captivated him, causing him to spend sleepless nights consumed by thoughts of her.

After summoning all his bravery, he mustered the courage to pick up the phone and propose to her. Much to his delight, she happily accepted his heartfelt proposal.

The wedding day was scheduled, and he arrived to fulfill the necessary customs and obligations, ensuring that everything was in order. The ceremony was graced by the presence of numerous esteemed individuals.

Later that evening, when they arrived home, he expressed his desire to consummate their marriage on their wedding night. However, she politely declined, explaining that she was feeling tired. He understood her decision and didn’t think much of it.

The following day, he made another attempt, but once again faced rejection. This experience prompted him to inquire about his wife, only to be informed that she was actually a man who presented themselves as a woman.

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