The youth should not look up to A-PLUS

In Ghana we call everyone role model, but people like Kwame A plus is not somebody that the youth should look up to, i say this without regret .
Kwame A Plus always think he is smart, but the hard truth is that he is not smart . You don’t go about insulting and disrespecting women whiles you also have a wife, so what if somebody also ends up disrespecting his wife he is not going to be happy , so do unto others what you want others to do unto you .
If Kwame A Plus thinks he is the one to lead the youth to the right path, then he should change his attitude and his arrogant lifestyle, the Ghanaian youth are smart now and nobody can mislead them again . You don’t body shame women like Abena Korkor whiles your wife is not so exceptional.
If you want to lead the youth you don’t go on National television and be using F words and insulting journalist like Halifax and his mom , the youth of Ghana must wise up and choose carefully people that can lead them to the right path , truth hurts but it must be told.

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