Soldier killed in land dispute at Millennium City near Kasoa

A tragic incident unfolded on Tuesday, April 30, at Millennium City in Gomoa Nyanyano near Kasoa in the Central region, as a military man lost his life in a land dispute, with two others narrowly escaping harm.

The confrontation reportedly arose when the deceased and his companions confronted workers on a piece of land they claimed ownership of.

Despite their efforts to resolve the matter at the Millennium City Police station, tensions continued to rise, Graphic Online has been told.

Previous attempts to seek police intervention had reportedly not yielded a resolution.

Upon encountering the occupants of the disputed land, the soldiers reportedly urged them to halt their activities and join them in seeking mediation at the police station.

However, the disagreement persisted, leading the soldiers to return to the police station to follow up on their complaint.

They were reportedly informed that their case had been transferred to the Central East Regional Police Command.

As they made their way to the regional command, they reportedly encountered further conflict when, gunfire erupted, resulting in the tragic death of one soldier.

more details to follow later…


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