Shatta Wale recounts trauma he experienced due to his parents split up

Dancehall artiste Shatta Wale has recounted the trauma and hardships he went through due to his parents break up.

Shatta Wale in a Facebook live video disclosed that growing up he did not live under the care of both parents due to a broken home and was greatly affected by that experience.

According to him, this break up affected his sanity as he had always yearned to live under the care of both parents.

He said he was always labelled as a disrespectful son if he complained about his parents’ action. This he said, caused him to flee home for his peace which rendered him homeless at a point.

“Growing up, I lived with my parents for a while but they did not help me. They made a mistake and broke up. They created a broken home; our home was broken and it affected me so much. Our broken home affected me. Anytime I talked or complained about this, they labelled me disrespectful. So, I left them. I left the house. I run from my parents.

“You know what my parents put me through? Because of them, I slept on the streets, I slept in front of stores. Those days, it was the prostitutes at Nkrumah Circle who were watching over me. I slept at filling stations at Circle including the one that got burnt. I slept on the streets of Adabraka and so on,” he stated during Facebook Live.

According to Shatta Wale, he further developed trauma response of isolating others.

He claimed that, similar to his earlier escape from his parents, he still doesn’t think twice about running away from those who cause him trouble.

“As a result, I started running from stress, running from people who would stress me. That’s where I learned how to cut people off because I don’t want stress. I cut people off without thinking twice. I am the chief cutter. I have learned that in life, it is important to cut off anyone who wants to bring negativity into your life,” The SM boss stated.


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