Shatta Wale is the most selfless musician – Opanka

Musician Opanka praises dancehall artiste Shatta Wale after a successful collaboration on their new song. The artiste revealed that his respect for the Dancehall King heightened after their feature for his selfless contribution.

In a conversation with MzGee, Opanka highlighted how his newest release is being celebrated by many Ghanaians on social media. And what it means for his music career. He also had a lot to say about his experience working with a great artiste like Shatta Wale.

He said, ‘Let me tell you something as a musician, and I won’t single anybody out. Sometimes due to our duties, we get busy. And sometimes too we flex and all that, and so most at times when you need someone on a project, they will be stressing you out. But Shatta Wale, regardless of whatever he was doing, when I linked him up, he did it for me. And the respect has been raised high.
I respect him a lot for that. He has been a brother from way back and has really shown it because it is not easy. It is not really talking and talk, but showing the action (support). He came all the way from his destination to Tema and stressing him out for the video shoot. Shatta Wale, you do all!

Their new song ‘Eka ba Fie’ translates in English as ‘incurred cost’. This tune seeks to advise the youth to live within their means. Opanka, known for rap style, defied the odds about secular artistes inability to make morally insightful songs.

‘What I was trying to let people know is do not to do things out of pressure. You know, cut your coat according to your size. When you are doing something, be careful. Make sure you are up to it because when you mess up, and you are in trouble. No one is coming to your rescue.

‘Back in the day, I hear grown-ups telling their kids to listen to gospel artiste and not secular artiste. I wanted to change that narrative and perception. I want people to feel like secular musicians can make motivational songs that inspire people, and in the end, make kids listen to us, he continued.
‘Eka Aba Fie’ on the ‘Elevation EP’ is on all music selling platforms. The artiste entreats all music lovers to support the Opanka Army family and share his music.

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