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Senegal names new government in first test for Faye’s promised radical reforms

Prime Minister Ousmane Sonko unveiled his government made up of 25 ministers and 5 junior inisters on Friday. President Bassirou Diomaye approved the cabinet list.

The performance of the council of ministers will be closely watched at home and abroad. Diomaye has promised audacious changes including dropping the West African currency- the CFA Franc and an audit of the oil and gas contracts Senegal signed with foreign companies.

Cheikh Diba, a bureaucrat who served as the head of budget prgramming was named finance minister, while Birame Souleye Diop, who was vice president of Sonko and Faye’s now dissolved Pastef party was handed the oil and energy docket.

Yassine Fall, vice-president of Pastef was made minister of foreign affairs.

Diomaye appointed Ousmane Sonko – his mentor and confidant prime minister shortly after being sworn-in on Tuesday as Senegal’s fifth head of state.

Nominated as a candidate while in prison, Diomaye rode a wave of discontent against President Macky Sall to secure an overwhelming first-round victory with Sonko’s backing.


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