Salisu-GFA impasse and his escape of FIFA ban- Mayniak Sportswear CEO shares details info.

“1. Mohammed Salisu was a player of West African Football Academy (WAFA) but was released in 2016.

2. A Kumasi based soccer academy called Creative Soccer Academy took him in, seeing the stuff he’s made of.

3. Creative Soccer Academy tried whatever they could to push him out of the country to get him a good country to continue his career but all proved unsuccessful.

4. Another local academy outfit called Africa Talent Academy headed by a good friend of mine Fran from Spain showed interest in taking Salisu from Creative Soccer Academy

5. Creative Soccer Academy were cool with the transfer and were willing to let Salisu join the Africa Talent Academy. However, they demanded a sell on clause of 20% of the transfer fee should in case the boy is transferred later to another club. Eg; if Africa Talent Academy transfers Salisu to another club say for $100,000, Creative Soccer Academy gets $20,000.

6. Africa Talent Academy rejected the 20% counter offer from Creative Soccer Academy and used “mafioso” means to take Salisu by force.

7. Africa Talent Academy first poached one of the managers of Creative Soccer Academy by name Mohammed Abdu Nuur and offered him a new role at their club as a team manager.

8. Mohammed Abdu Nuur orchestrated Salisu’s move from the Creative Soccer Academy to Africa Talent Academy via means termed to illegal and unethical. Thus, floating status.

9. Afterwards, it easily paved the way for Africa Talent Academy to transfer the boy outside the country to La liga side Real Valladolid.

10. The issue went on and on and that nearly resulted in his FIFA ban which fortunately he escaped.

11. Creative Soccer Academy seeing what has panned out and their prized asset taking away, after all the toil and investment, reported the issue to appropriate quarters. First with GFA who then hurled him to the player status committee to answer some questions about his ownership.

12. That’s where the boy first took offense against the GFA thinking, the FA supports the Creative Soccer Academy and felt his former Academy and the FA were trying so hard to derail his development.

13. The issue went on further and reached higher quarters of football who nearly banned him.

NB: How do you blame the GFA for a “fight” they had no hand in it??? How do you blame someone to shed tears for pepper somebody has gone to chop elsewhere.. ! The FA doesn’t hate Mohammed Salisu. He just has decided to neglect all of us at a time that country needs him most. 

To add to this narration, You see how Salisu was taken by force, that is how amateur coaches are squeezed and their players taken away from them for nothing after all the years of hard work and toil they put in them. The Football industry is one big “mafioso” industry. Where whales consume the fishes for free and nothing happens.

Both Africa Talent Academy and Creative Soccer Academy are 2 entities are I’m close to very well. Didn’t know they slugging out elsewhere…”

“To make my last comment on the Salisu’s issue as to why he has no case against our FA. He should be thankful to the FA for his career and where he’s gotten to now… Why because.. even when the GFA player status committee hurled him to adjudicate the issue of Creative Soccer Academy and Africa Talent Academy as to who owned his right, they ruled in favour of Salisu’s Africa Talent Academy knowing the repercussions that if they had ruled in favour of Creative Soccer Academy that would have automatically called for a FIFA ban. But knowing he has career ahead of him, many things were considered. Till date, the Creative Soccer Academy folks also feel they were given a raw deal and deeply hurt. Considering the way they were cheated and outmuscled.

Lastly, from the signals I’m picking the boy has swore never to play for us and hiding under I’m not “READY” … and as Ghanaians we must know that, Salisu might possibly not play for us till he bows out from football. Let’s embrace that. I entreat all that we respect his decision and not needlessly come here blaming the FA after every good show of his in the EPL ..”

Abdul Rashid Zakari- CEO- Mayniak Sportswear INC

By Abdul Rashid Zakari/ MSTV GH

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