Our Zongo is blessed with so many talented young acts in different genres of art.
Some of these talented artists range from musicians,painters,architects and writers etc,most of these young talented acts don’t get the recognition they deserve from within the zongos and Ghana in general.

One of such talented acts is Sadiq Techiniq Sadiq,real name Abubakar Sadiq Osman,he grew up in the streets of Nima,and his musical journey started at the a young age,he said he grew up like most kids from the zongos listening to the likes of MOB,Friction,VVIP formerly VIP,Lil Cris etc.

These were the artists every young acts wanted to emulate,they had the vibes and swag to match their cadence.
So am not surprised Sadiq Techiniq said he wanted to be like them growing up,he said he started rapping in a group made of two MC’s himself and a friend who’s also called Abubakar Sadiq and their group name was Tankwa which means pepper in the local hausa dialect.

Sadiq Techiniq has been doing music officially for the past four years,tho his friend and group partner left for Germany,he still didn’t give up on his passion,he pushed on with his solo career as a rapper.

After years of pushing on and making hip hop music in his local Hausa dialect,he recently got nominated for the 7th edition of WAMMA,WEST AFRICA MUSIC & MOVIE AWARD(WAMMA) held in the capital of 🇳🇪Niger,Niamey for the best hip hop song of the year,with his hit song Ciya da wasali.

Had any other artist like Shatta Wale,Stonebwoy or Sark won this award,you’ll see it making waves in the entertainment space,you’ll even see it trending but hey he’s not any of these artist,he’s underground that’s why he needs exposure.
He’s currently in Niamey after the award and his next stop is going to Nigeria,he’s touring these places spreading his music and making collabos with different artists.

If they won’t promote our underground artists we will do that ourselves.

Congratulations Sadiq Techinic Sadiq

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