Pre-school teaching not for the least educated – Dr. Jacob Manu

Dr. Jacob Manu, the founder of Creche De-Ghana and Creche De-Rosa in the Ashanti region, has strongly emphasized the need for professionals to handle early-grade education in the education sector.

“Some time ago, we thought we could send anybody, even those with the least education in our society, to teach early graders because they are kids and they don’t know much, so people with expertise aren’t necessary to teach them. But the reality is, just like in our buildings, if your foundation is weak, then obviously the whole structure cannot stand the test of time,” Dr. Manu stated.

As an instructional designer/technologist and acting head of the Educational Studies Department at Akenten Appiah-Menka University of Skills Training and Entrepreneurial Development (AAMUSTED) Asante Mampong campus, he pointed out that there has been a conscious effort for educators to focus on the early grade level, emphasizing the importance of a strong foundation for children.

Dr. Manu mentioned that Creche De-Ghana, Creche De-Rosa, and other upcoming facilities would serve as research fields to monitor the progress of children and the resources they interact with. Over time, comparisons would be made between these children and those receiving different kinds of education, with the findings eventually being made public once trends in their education methods are established.

He further assured that learning theories aligned with early-grade education would be applied. Dr. Manu spoke to Learning Matters at the commissioning of Creche De-Ghana and his Buncj Foundation’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) event dubbed “Feed The Kids,” which involved feeding around five hundred (500) orphans and other vulnerable children.

The “Feed The Kids” initiative on New Year’s Day has been ongoing since 2018.


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