Persoanlity Profile: Awudu Mohammed “Moh Awudu”

Awudu Mohammed’s paintings involve narratives that are influence from the daily activities of the people in Nima often captured in the form of figuration painting. The women in Nima are a major impact to his practice .

Growing up in Nima , Mohammed took an interest in painting and design . His works has extend beyond the surface of the canvas to painting murals and graffiti which exposes his work to the public. His ability to bring art to the public has opened up discussions about the issues of gender inequality and societal neglection. Nima is a slum that consists of different ethnic groups and a majority Muslim population. For a long time the community has gone through rough situations and a slow social and economical growth that had birthed issues that forms part of it’s current struggles. In turn, Mohammed reflects on these issues as starting point to create narrative evoked through the medium of painting. These paintings carries the effect of surrealism and a sense of realism by achieving a sense of utopian cultural spaces. Mohammed incorporates both the technique of figuration and abstraction in his work, this creates a visual language whereby associative colors and shapes create a pictorial syntax and a recognizable figurative whole . His choice of colors are influence by the layers of paints on the architectural buildings within his society . The flat, shallow and impasto application of paints mimics the layers of paints on these building surfaces and walls. In his depiction of the human form he applied ranges of brown and purple as a subtle signifier of the subject’s conditions.

Although he paints both males and females, he often locates his influence from the women in Nima, which includes the vital roles they play as leading figures in creating a progressive society . Mohammed celebrates their strong passion as symbol of change and influence to the younger generation. The astronaut costume in his paintings serves a symbol of willingness to be progressive and powerful.


May be an illustration of 1 person
May be art of 1 person and indoor
May be an illustration of 1 person
May be an illustration of one or more people
May be art of 1 person, sitting and indoor

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