Member of Parliament for Ada and 2nd Deputy Minority Whip in the 8th Parliament of the 4th Republic Hon. Comfort Doyoe Cudjoe has official file compliant of Hon. Comfort Doyoe Cudjoe is the
GHC 133,000.00 deposited into personal bank account with her notice. Hon. Doyoe also served as a Minister of State in Charge of Social and Allied Institutions at the Presidency in the John Mahama led Administration.

The lawmaker earlierly took to her facebook warned whoever deposited the money into her accounts to revert and subsequently lodged a compliant to the police commander of parliament.

“Whoever has deposited a huge sum of money in my money wallet without my knowledge should reverse it before I report to the Police.
Nobody should use me as a scapegoat.”

“Hello friends, the case of the huge sum of money deposited in my account without my knowledge, has officially been reported to the Police Commander of Parliament.
Later, I also went to file an official complaint at the bank. Officials of the bank told me they will reverse the money. I tried to know the source of the money but I was told by the officials that they suspect their system but they will investigate and get back to me.
Anyway, I have done my part to reverse the GHC 133,000.00 which was deposited in my account without my knowledge. Whoever did that, please note that I have instructed the bank to reverse it by writing to them.
I will update you when they reverse it and write officially to me.”

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