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Mz Gee slams Sarkodie and co for rubbishing GMA-USA

Apparently, Sarkodie, Medikal, Kofi Kinata and others have shunned the USA chapter of the Ghana Music Awards. Mz Gee, a country rep for GMA-US, called them out whilst subtly jabbing their fondness for ‘foreign associations like the Dr UN scam.

A video making rounds on social media show the entertainment journalist ranting about how some musicians have sidelined the Ghanaian franchise.

“Recently, the Ghana Music Awards USA nominated some of your favs for the awards scheme. Once you have been nominated, there should be something that you hold onto to show that you’ve been nominated. So they decided to create a citation.

“As a country rep for the award scheme, I sent messages. None of your favourites can tell me they didn’t receive messages from me. None can say they did not receive messages from some of the coordinators and all those who were in charge of inviting them to come and pick citations. They didn’t honour that. Some of them read messages they didn’t respond to.”

According to Mz Gee, Nigerian musicians would not have put up such behaviour towards their own kinsman. She dragged our musicians for making entitled demands for support. Yet, they cannot reciprocate it to others.

“You say you dont like it when we compare you to the Nigerians, but this is also heartbreaking. Imagine this was for a Nigerian, Nigerians will run and come and take citation. They will even say thank you afterwards.

“Ghana musicians will come back and tell me that Ghanaians do not support their own. How else can we support you? We didn’t say go and call for votes. If it was Dr UN, you people will be running helter-skelter to go and collect the awards. “

She also pointed out the need for a collaborated effort to grow the industry.
“It is not sensible for me to support you in the name of kindred. And yet, you do not support me in return. My dear superstar, loyalty is a two-way street. You scratch my back. I scratch yours,” Mz Gee concluded.

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