I woke up this dawn only to hear from the megaphone blurring from the minarets of a mosque in my area; the Imam answering a question from a worshipper that *what is the (hukumchi) meaning Judgement on any person who donated to the building of the cathedral?*

The imam answer “Eeeeeiiiii ! Even if the king Of Mecca and the Imam Of Mecca donate to the building of the cathedral Allah will put them in hell fire (which I believe he (the Imam) fan the fire for Allah).” He then added “they can donate to us ( meaning they the reconstructed Moslems can receive donations from Christians )“

Fellow Christian brothers and sisters please kindly have place in your hearts and consider the addendum to his answer and forgive him because he thinks with his viscera instead of what is protected in a strong bone call cranium. Unfortunately his yardstick for going to heaven is being a ruler of Saudi like MBS Or an Imam there.

I can’t give justification to the act of Chief Imam without first of all looking at certain verses in the Quran vis-a-vis this kind gesture of His eminence the National Chief Imam from the perspectives of scholars of reconstructed Moslems.

1. Quran 2:111 “ And they said: ‘No one will enter paradise except Jews or Christians!” *SUCH IS THEIR WISHFUL THINKING* “say show your proof if you are right” God being so wise that, speaking to the Moslems in their scripture (Quran) knows that one day they will also say NO ONE WILL ENTER PARADISE UNLESS HE/SHE IS MUHAMMADAN MOSLEM started the verse with the word ‘*wa qaaluu…’* “*AND THEY SAID…”* this is to include reconstructed Moslems who may have that whimsical wishful thinking. Regrettably, theirs is not who go to paradise but rather who they put to hell.

2. Quran 2:113 “The Jews said “*the Christians have no basis ,”* While the Christians say *“the Jews have no basis”. * Yet *BOTH OF THEM READ THE SCRIPTURE* Such are the utterances Of IGNORANT PEOPLE (those possess no knowledge). God will judge them on the day of resurrection REGARDING THEIR DISPUTES”

Is God telling mohammadam Moslems the above verse ? Yes!! Were they also reading the scripture? Yes!!! Would they be judged if they arrogated to themselves such kind of disputed utterance? Your guess is as good as mine !!

Having said these, Who will enter Paradise and what is the criteria ? Q2:62 kills two bird with a stone “ Surely 1. those who believe, 2. Those who are Jews, 3. The Christians 4. And the ‘*SWAABI’EEN*’, anyone who: (a) Believe In God (b) and the last day (c) and leads a righteous life, will receive their recompense from their lord.

THEY HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR, OR WILL THEY GRIEVE” Now! The word *SWAABI’EEN* as appeared in the Quran, Moslem scholars up to date are struggling to identify what group is that, I’ll produce few of what they said below: They said SWAABI’EEN as appeared in the Quran is;

1. Those who depart from one religion to another

2. Those who worship stars secretly and profess themselves as Christians

3. Those who follow the religion of Sabi the son of Sheyth OR Sheth son of Adam.

In other to suit themselves, they change the exact word of God SWAABI’EEN to SWAAB’YUUN and said: the word can be pronounced SWAAB’YUUN (anyone who knows Arabic pronunciation and reading knows there’s no way that word could be pronounced as SWAAB’YUUN, but because they don’t know what SWAABI’EEN means, they have to create theirs and give their own meaning. Oh Lord forgive ME for I’m not with them, but they say their mean:

4. Certain class of people who possess certain scripture other than those well known.

5. Finally Raqib a well known Arabic language scholar cited in his MUFRADAAT that SWAABI’EEN are group of followers of Noah (my goodness, where are they today to deserve such mentioning in that verse?)

Since my lack of knowledge of their whereabouts does not mean they are not in existence, the scenario presented in that verse does not make that meaning right. Simply SWAABI’EEN means those who reject the modus operandi of the earlier mentioned religion and stick to their beliefs and live a righteous life like traditionalist. (This definition is supported by Edward William Lame in An Arabic-English lexicon V4. P1640. Anyway there are many more meanings they gave but enough of this.

In addition Quran 3:199 and 2:112 will be enough to add more light on this part

ISLAM AND CHARITY (SWADAQA) : I combed the Quran to see wether there is a verse that conditioned charity or ‘swadaqa’ to be given only to Mohammadan Moslems But did not find one. I’m using Mohammedan moslems because in Islam the name Moslem does not only refer to Mohammedans but includes Christians, Jews and all revealed religions. In fact charity in Islam is non-racial non-discriminatory, non-denomination, non-political And non-violence (*because where two factions are at war the Quran commands they have mercy on children, women and injured irrespective’)*. There are many verses that talked about those deserving charity, and almost all of them have same language except but a few variations and some addendums. One of them is as follows Quran 9:60 “* ‘Inamal swadaqaat (plural)..’*

CHARITIES shall go to

1. The poor

2. The needy

3. The workers who collect them and

4. those whose hearts are made to incline _(even though all the above doesn’t discriminate, *‘mukhalafatil quluubi’* are non-Moslems who have soft hearts towards Moslems)_

5. To free the slaves and

6. THOSE BURDEN BY SUDDEN EXPENSES _(like building a cathedral)

7_. And the traveling alien _(were the alien described? No!)_ such is God’s command. God is OMNISCIENT (all encompassing) MOST WISE” The above verse shows how universally God is, not selfishly demarcated by Jews, Christians, and Moslem. Hence the national chief imam is above such pettiness. The following are further particulars Quran 2:215, 2:273, 8:41, 17:26, 24:22,…THOSE WHOSE HEARTS ARE INCLINED: who are they according to the Quran? Quran 5:85 “you will find that the WORST enemies of the believers are THE JEWS and the IDOL WORSHIPPERS. And you will find that the closest people __(those inclined towards believers_) are those who say ; *‘WE ARE CHRISTIANS’* this is because they have monks amongst them and they are not arrogant” Who did the National chief contributed to?!!!

THE CONCEPT OF GHANA’S CATHEDRAL IN THE QURAN I quite remember that when President Nana Addo Danquah A. Addo announced his plan and intentions to build the cathedral, he did mention that the said cathedral will be a MULTI DENOMINATIONAL AND MULTI PURPOSE.

This statement did not sit down well with some extremist amongst the Christians. They run around from one radio station to another opposing the fact that the cathedral will attract other religions. I vividly remembered some Moslem organization and scholars also did same going round radio station asking for their fair share of the pie of the cathedral. With this proposed plan by the president I begin to ask myself weather he has read the Quran because if the cathedral will accommodate all religions, different cultures and activities, certainly it will Foster dialogue and encourage tolerance. The Quran invites all denominations to such a laudable idea from the president Quran 3:64 “Say, “O followers of the scripture _(Christians, Jews, Mohammadan Moslems Zoroastrian etc)_ let us come to a common and logical agreement _(where? If not at NANA’s cathedral)_ so that we shall not serve any but Allah and we will not associate aught with him. And that NO ONE WILL TAKE OTHERS AS THEIR MASTERS AND LORDS besides Allah _(in other words we should eliminate abuse of power amongst ourselves )_ But if they turn back _(this invitation)_ then say: Bear witness that we are submitters.” This is the Quran!!! Today we have not invite for this course as called by the Quran and when by Devine intervention the president thought of it and set the plan and the National chief imam bought the idea, his fellow Moslems are flaring gas to set up his hell. Ask yourself where on earth could the above verse be manifested if not in the kind of Nana Addo’s cathedral ?

BENEFITS ACRUE WHEN ALL RELIGIOUS LEADERS WORK TOGETHER FROM THE QURAN. Quran 5:65-66 1. “if only the people of the scripture (_Christians, Jews, Moslems and all the rest)_ believe and lead a righteous life, we will then remit their sins and admit them into the garden of bliss”2. “If only they uphold the 1. Torah 2. The Gospel and 3. Whatever is sent down to them herein from _(who?)_ their Lord, they will be showered with blessings from above them and from beneath their feet. Some of them (_Christians, Jews, Moslems etc)_ are righteous but many of them are evil”Quran 7:96 “If only the people of the *various communities * believe and maintain righteous life, we would have showered them with blessings from the heavens and the earth.

SINCE THEY DECIDED TO DISBELIEVE, *WE PUNISHED THEM FOR WHAT THEY EARNED”* Interesting Quran !! Since my childhood till to today, as Ghana is discovering many resources from above their heads ( waves) and beneath their feet (minerals), the size of every commodity I know keeps decreasing while the prices keep increasing. If a child of today should see the sizes of pawpaws and pineapples of my childhood days and that of today he will say those pawpaws and pineapples are Magic. What is even surprising is the decreasing in luminous intensity of our street light today which is being billed but in those days is free. We used to play football late at night on kanda highways under the street lights then. Not mentioning the size of the bottle of Malts. What causes all these punishments ? So called religious leaders failed to work together to seek the right of the masses from these unscrupulous politicians. No tool in Ghana can be as strong and as powerful as the religious bodies if they will work together. No president, no parliament, no judiciary neither military can stop that strong tool if they stand up to work. That’s the vision of the president and people like national chief imam.


The second page of the Quran states the following: Quran 2: 1-3 “Alif Laam Meem, this scripture is infallible and a beacon for the righteous (Saints) Who 1. believe in the unseen 2. Observe prayers constantly and 3. FROM THE PROVISIONS (_bounties_) WE PROVIDE THEM THEY GIVE OUT TO CHARITY _(indiscriminately)_ Which of the above characters mentioned above hasn’t the chief imam.? The following are better and further particulars. Quran 2:177, 3:17,134, 22:35 , 23:60, 28:54, 32;16, 35:29, 42:38, 51:19….. 108:1-2“we have bless you with many bounty, therefore you shall observe prayers and GIVE CHARITY. Interestingly the shortest Sura in the Quran the theme is prayers, sacrifice and charity.

DONATIONS FOR OTHER COURSES IN THE QURAN _(Render to Caesar what belongs to Caesar)_ Quran 2:172 Forbidden for for you is 1. What dies of itself (carrion) 2. Blood ,3. flesh of swine, 4. *‘wa Maa uhhilla behee li ghairi Llah..’* AND WHAT WAS DEDICATED OR DONATED TO ANY COURSE OTHER THAN ALLAH’S…” This verse is the most mutilated verse in the Quran by scholars from generation. As I stated earlier, if they don’t understand the import of any verse, then they create their own verse and scenarios and insert them in the Quran. Almost all of them say ‘ and what was slaughtered without mentioning the name of Allah or what was slaughtered or sacrifice to lesser Gods’. My goodness ! If God should say this, is he not recognizing other gods beside him ? Is it not contradictory if God will say ‘there’s no god but Allah and end saying sacrifice to other God ? I struggled to find The words animals, slaughtered, sacrifice, without mentioning, the name of Allah, lesser gods etc , in the verse I can’t.

The verse is simply saying WHAT IS DUE TO CAESAR LEAVE IT TO CAESAR and don’t touch it and Caesar would have love that. Hence Allah used open words *‘Uhilla*’ dedicated, donated committed ‘Lighairi Llah’ to *any other course* other than Allah’s. Note The verse is not saying don’t dedicate anything for other courses or don’t give Caesar, but rather if you do you are forbidden to use it, leave it for that course, be it donation for cathedral, ‘kpokpoi’ for shrines, colas, coins, eggs, black, red, white materials dropped at junction etc, don’t take it and use it. Therefore if chief imam makes donation or dedicated GHs50000 for the course of cathedral Quran 2:172 says so be it and must be. Leave it for that course. If in your myopic view you think the cathedral is not worthy course to merit the donations of his eminence the national chief imam keep yours. The day he’s going to make donations to any shrine and there’s nobody to escort him, he should call me I’ll escort him.

FINALLY HIS EMINENCE AS GOD Ar-RAHMAAN!! For those Moslems whose Islam is not complete until they hear Hadith, now hear this. Hadith al Qudisi says “When my servant is constantly remembering me, I become his sight, his utterance, his hearing, his movements…. and *finally I (God) becomes him”* Now if by definition of Ar-Rahaman, reconstructed Moslems say it means “in-discriminatory MERCIFUL GOD”, and the chief imam spends all is life serving this God. As God promises he became chief Imam, how do you expect the chief imam to deviate from Ar-Rahman God. Certainly not. He can’t discriminate even if he wishes!

(Abu Mohammed Abdul Nasir) Rootbiyey

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