Mohammed Kudus’ iconic celebration set for inclusion in EA Sports FC 25

West Ham star Mohammed Kudus’ signature celebration of sitting on the advertisement boards is poised to be featured in EA Sports FC 25, marking a significant inclusion for the popular video game.

The 23-year-old’s unique celebration has gained widespread recognition on a global scale after introducing it this season.

The Ghana international first introduced this celebration after scoring a remarkable goal against Arsenal in the Carabao Cup, and it has since been emulated by other Premier League players.

In an interview with EA uncut, Kudus disclosed the inspiration behind his celebration, stating, “Nah, there’s no really, like, deeper meaning to it. I just thought about it as doing something different. A lot of people celebrate with knee slides and, all kinds of celebrations, but I just thought about doing something different. And then. Yeah, Glad it’s making the waves and other people, too are doing it.”

Kudus encourages others to try out the celebration, inviting them to join in and become part of the collective.

Following his outstanding solo goal against Freiburg in the Europa League round of 16 match, Kudus introduced a new rendition of the celebration by sitting on the steward’s stool.

During the conversation with EA uncut, Kudus was informed that efforts would be made to ensure his unique celebration is included in FC 25, an assurance that was well-received by the Ghanaian midfielder.


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