The man who spent 11yrs in search of a Bachelors degree…

Read, reread and be inspired…
Bear with me. Pardon me. I’m going to inundate this space with thousands of pics. If for no reason at all for shegey reasons. But the reason being that it took me eleven years to get a degree.
You read it right. ELEVEN solid years.
Let me break it down.
I completed SHS in 2007 and entered then Accra Polytechnic In 2008 to study for HND Science Laboratory Technology as a stepping stone to a degree in a university.
Instead of the HND, I came out with a Letter of Dismissal for Academic non-performance about three weeks to end my three-year stay on campus. I still remember that day when I was called to the Departmental office and handed over my letter. It was not a joyous moment. In my protest letter to Reverend Quarcoo, then departmental counselor, I stated that it’s gonna be suicidal if that decision is not reversed. It was hell. The sudden gush of a hormone beyond adrenaline poured all over me. But since that day I told myself I have a long journey. I can’t disappoint myself. Schooling is what I had done to that point.
I remember giving my laboratory coat to a friend telling him “ I have no future in the laboratory”.
I never knew that future will lead me to pursue a two-year Diploma in UPSA but use four years to complete it. I never knew it will take me further three years to do a top-up that should have seen me using two years.
I never knew I’ll do two different National Service ( Mercy Islamic School and Graphic Communications Group Limited) all in a bid to raise monies to aid me at various stages.
I never knew I’ll hawk light bulb at Weija, sell sanitary pads in the Dome and Madina Markets, sell newspapers in Nima, teach in a school at Maamobi, have shorts stints at Cleaning Masters ( East Legon), GLICO Life ( Lapaz), Melcom ( Industrial Area), Legend Health at Adenta and a whole lot of things I can’t remember now just to ensure that I also get a degree some.
At a point in time I thought I was destined never to have a degree in my life and I came to believe in every bullshit of family superstition. Why? I had done assignments for numerous people who have gone on to get their degrees. I taught many students in SHS who have moved on to get their degrees and I have inspired a lot who had forgotten they’ve even been to the university. And I was always struggling to get mine.
But in all of this I moved on. Swallah Mohammed Awal knows the story more because anytime I’m moving to the station to go board a car, I use his route.
Let me cut long story short.
I’m going to flood this space with pics, In shaa Allah. After all Shatta Wale sang in his song Live it “ ma br3 a br3 a br3, etor mi waa ewor m3n3 maafey party.”
Congratulations to me. Our elders say “ the lizard that jumped from the Iroko tree to the ground said it will praise itself if no one else does.” So let me do.
Thank you.



6th August, 2021.
I resigned from the great company CFAO Motors. I resigned to face the next phase of my life.
It has been a wonderful journey. I went there to do National Service after a marathon of an academic journey and I was retained because ( as my boss told me that day) I am quick, smart and work under pressure.
I really enjoyed my time in this great place. Wonderful people, my main man Sumaila Muntari, my atheist brother Samuel Tekpor, my very knowledgeable Supervisor Kab West and the first Reader friend I made there, Lawrie Anna Efua Asmah. I can never forget my right hand madam Mercilia Appiah who I always spy each and every morning to see whether she has her tag on before I wear mine. Hahahahaha. She studied me on that.
I have two special women whose influence on me I can never erase from memory. Adjoa Bonney who taught me the rough edges of the job, how to handle tough customers and how to run things alone amidst overwhelming pressure. Nana Keseboa Danso who gave me the platform to excel, went further to help me in my personal life and became a godmother.
Great people. I salute you Kwame Owusu who from day one told me he sees greatness in me and that if five years from now I’m still poor then I should check my home. Hahahaha.
There are many…. Sule Palmer, Nana Osei Hutchison, Edmund Albert Nyarkoh Mark Pongo, Obed Owusu Wereko… etc…..
I thank God for this phase of my life. And pray he blesses the next phase of my life.

May be an image of 1 person, standing, outdoors and text that says "IERSITY OF NEW MEXIC"


Ladies & Gentleman, I present to you the indefatigable Reader Maazi Okoro! When he posted a picture with his mum praying for traveling mercies, people jokingly asked, “Are you going to Brazil?” Well, he has arrived at Univeristy of New Mexico for his Masters Degree in Communication & Journalism.
Okoro – whom has been the source of inspiration for most youth in our Zongo community – is a student of knowledge, an ardent reader, & a Happy-Go-Lucky character.
After taking about 12 years to get his bachelors degree with a CGPA of 2.68, we suggested that he considers graduate school. The cut off point for admission to grad school is 3.0. However, there are exceptional cases where schools consider students below the set standard – so we planned to go on the attack with his application.
We agreed that he takes the GRE to strengthen his application; I know he registered for the exam but he didn’t keep me in the loop about his performance. I was unhappy with him cuz I felt he took a cavalier attitude towards the process. We applied to my school in 2019 after I went to the office of the grad chair of the communication dept. & presented his case & credentials. She encouraged us to apply without making any promises. Unfortunately, his ass got bounced. In 2020, he went harder by applying to four schools; he had two acceptance (with one funding) & two rejections.
When he told me, I didn’t know when I fell down on my face in sujood🙏🏽. Why won’t they pick him? I am not a communication student plus my writings are bad & unconventional, but with my little readings I believed my man’s blog with over 100 articles would get him somewhere (check them out on GhanaWeb). Not forgetting he is the founder of the best book club in Ghana – Success BOOK CLUB. He worked with several organizations including Graphic, taught in different schools & volunteered in many activities that served humanity. The above credentials – not his CGPA – got him the full scholarship.
Now allow me to digress a little…
I could recall somewhere around 2012, I was approached with a connection to pay about $10k for a USA visa. I could’ve paid upfront but I declined because I wanted to go back to school & my siblings thought I was a madman. Honestly speaking, at that time I was oblivious to the window of opportunities available with education. I didn’t know a good SHS lever or a bachelors degree holder can travel on F1 visa as a student by paying just $160. I only took a firm decision to educate myself without thinking about the future, a risk worthy of taking.
As we speak right now, there’s a mass migration of abled youth from the Zongos to the US via South America. They believe there is no future in Ghana & they doubt the country can be fixed while they are alive. For that reason, they incur a total cost of around $5000 just to arrive in Brazil & seek for asylum🥺. This amount is exorbitant no matter how you look at it but our brethren are comfortable paying just to flee Ghana💔😭. In the above estimated amount, $2,300 is given to the airline company as a promissory fee that’d be refunded once the traveler arrived at their final destination – Bolivia. Correct me if I’m wrong, the journey from Brazil to the US-Mexico border can cost at least $2000, depending on one’s luck.
I do not agree with – though a lot of people might differ – the risk of going on the journey with females (including pregnant women) & children. I understand it’s easier to get admitted into the country with females & children, hence the current trend. However, I have interviewed people who took that route & so I won’t advice a vulnerable person (pregnant woman & a child) to go on that journey. It’s life threatening! Anyway I have read Ben Carson’s “Take The Risks” so I understand them. I wish them a safe journey & the best of luck. In fact, I heard from Chinese whispers that a wife traveled to Brazil without informing her husband & he’s pronounced divorce on her, that’s how desperate the situation has become.
I always give these kind of stories so people will understand how important education is. Since the youth from my hood love & relish the prospect of traveling to abrokyire or tuurai (Europe & America) for greener pastures, I think it’s wise to use education to entice them to it. Students pay only $160 visa fees, arrive as legal non-immigrants, get free education, graduate & go back home or get good jobs & be integrated into the country. No risk of going through the long, dangerous & expensive journey before arriving at the detention centers with uncertainties; some get admitted into the country & others get deported😌.
If it’s not too late for you, I encourage you to go back to school & educate yourself. But if it’s too late for you, I know you have kids, siblings, relatives or friends, please guide & encourage them to be serious with their education. Stop telling people school is rubbish, that nonsense must stop. Education isn’t equivalent to riches but it definitely helps at places & in situations where lack of education doesn’t help.
Let’s congratulate my man, nobody deserves this than him. My appeal to him; please take a break off social media – I think you need it. We need you to hold the fort in UNM for us, that will require some rigorous studies, time management & discipline. We believe in you! Your progress & success is ours. So, please conquer for us & our motherland. We wish you the best of luck in your studies.
I conclude by quoting your favorite quote, “Unless the penis dies young, it will surely eat bearded meat.” You have the bearded meat in front of you, eat it as you wish but make sure you don’t choke😂.
Your man,
Borla Bird (Sleek Shushu)

Congratulations Reader Maazi Okoro, Nima is proud of you

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