Marriage wouldn’t stop men who don’t respect themselves to come after you-Kuburah Diamonds

Being married doesn’t stop men who don’t respect themselves to come after you, as a woman who is virtuous, the ball is in your court to decide. Unless under rape or black magic, no man can force you too if you yourself don’t allow it. Sometimes, we hide under gender fight to give all the blame to the men forgetting that some of our women are the problem too.

Men who want to men will always be men and find the way with you if you allow. Some men don’t have shame. Some men don’t mind being side men or you being their sugar mummies too. Oh Yes! There are some married women who have boyfriends or also sleep with people’s husbands because some men are capable of doing anything under this sun as far as they can satisfy their sexual desires or curiosity. All boils down to you the woman.

As for me, my response to them is always plain.

Like, Sir/ man you haven’t reached ooh.

Like you think I am gullible like that eh? When they are wealthy, I look at them and say, I am a wealthy woman myself, I know how to use my two hands and feet to work for what I desire.  I have never been moved by men who have money even when I was in my heydays. No matter how rich you are, your money can’t buy my dignity and virtue. I am not too known but I know my worth. Most of my friends are men, sometimes they tell me I am too hard to be a woman. My mentality will blow your mind. As for money mpo dirr you can’t show me foko. I saw plenty money and was spoilt with plenty money in my father’s house (Alhaji Issifu Braimah) I started spending foreign currencies at age 21/22 and me myself I know how to hustle to get my bank account reading the amount I want it too. That’s noted, on the issue of a man saying, you are the most beautiful he’s ever seen nu – that line, has never worked on me because at an early age I knew men can say anything to enter into a woman’s dross.

In dealing with men, you have to be super smart and matured. If you are not afraid of the gender that even go the extent of telling other women they want to sleep with, their own wives they sleep on the same bed with and wake up in the same house are dead, then you yourself you have a problem.

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