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Man Donated Kidney To His Girlfriend’s Mom Only For Her To Marry Another Man A Month Later

A Mexican man, Uziel Martínez, is currently devastated after he got the shock of his life following his better half’s choice to pick another more man over him notwithstanding his kindheartedness towards her family.

What confuses many is that scarcely a month after Martinez gave his kidney to his girlfriend’s mom, the lady proceeded to marry another man wedding.

Narrating the miserable experience, the embittered man needed to make series of recordings to show the world his quandary.

In any case, Martinez, apparently a basic man commonly, conceded that he holds no resentment against his ex-girlfriend even after the heartbreak.

Speaking to Mexico Daily News, he said: “I don’t have anything against her … we’re not friends but we don’t hate each other. I only made the video for TikTok, I didn’t think it would get out of control.”

Meanwhile, a high school girl bravely exposed some of the ills of our various middle schools as she calls on parents to take an action immediately.

According to the girl who is presumably a student of a high school, male teachers have been using money to lure innocent and disadvantaged female students on campus.

As this SHS girl details, our various SHS male teachers are also responsible for the gross disrespect and disrespect of female students on campus.

She went on to advise parents to do everything possible to send their daughters humanely and quickly on a regular basis. Otherwise, if she runs out of money, all her male teachers will sleep with her.

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