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Man Cautions Suya Seller Who Tried To Wrap His Meat With Newspaper Bearing Tinubu/Buhari’s Face (VIDEO)

The strange moment a guy issued a thunderous warning to a Suya seller who wanted to wrap his meat in a newspaper with Ahmed Bola Tinubu’s visage was captured on video.
In the video, the man sitting at the Suya vendor’s table is seen searching intently for alternative newspapers that do not bear the pictures of Tinubu or Buhari.

He has stated numerous times that he does not want to see the duo’s faces on his Suya. Finally, the young man chose a newspaper about COVID-19, admitting that he would rather read about diseases like malaria, typhoid, and COVID than about Tinubu or Nigeria’s president, Muhammadu Buhari.
fashion_magicblog wrote; He doesn’t want him to eat from the suya

tobi_crusher_fumigation wrote: Like seriously 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. How that one go take affect election bayiiii

iam_maziii wrote; 😂😂shey u won chop the Newspaper join with ur suya ni💔😂problem

throwbacknaijatv wrote; He should not even use any, they need to start using take away pack instead of the used news papers, we don’t even know who touch am before or where he pick am😂

In other news, a young lady was caught on film interrogating presidential candidate Bola Tinubu about his answer to Nigeria’s challenges.

Some young people were protesting in Lagos, and Tinubu decided to take advantage of the chance to meet with them and discover new ways to express their frustrations.

The APC’s national head was overheard telling them that protests would not solve things, and the lady responded by asking what would.

He added in a video that is spreading on social media that restrategising would assist the administration identify the system’s challenges so that they could be solved.

The lady spoke up and said that Nigeria’s leaders, including himself, had failed the people.

However, some members of Tinubu’s entourage attempted to chastise her but she was unperturbed.

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