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MALI: political and institutional reforms

The Head of State, HE Colonel Assimi GOÏTA, President of the Transition, received, this Monday, November 29, 2021, the Malian political class, in the Banquet hall of Koulouba. On the agenda: political and institutional reforms, in particular the National Assizes.
Driven by a concern for equity, inclusiveness and consensus in the context of the political and institutional reforms in view, the President of the Transition is increasing the number of meetings. This Monday, the Malian political class was received by the Head of State. “The sacred union of all Malians around Mali is important for the success of these Assises”, declared the Minister for the Refoundation of the State, in charge of Relations with the Institutions, before recalling that the Assises are organized for The Mali ; “Mali that we must bequeath to our descendants”.
From the start of his remarks, Minister Ibrahim Ikassa MAÏGA also reminded the hosts of the President of the Transition of the reasons which led to this transitional period. A multidimensional crisis was shaking the country, he said before recalling the initiatives taken by previous regimes to prevent Mali from sinking. Initiatives that have been marked by failures, he lamented.
For Minister MAÏGA, little choice remains for the Malians, who are condemned to join hands, to find a comprehensive solution to the crises shaking the country. ” We are at the crossroads. We must learn the lessons of our successes and our failures “, urged the Minister of Refoundation who believes that the modus operandi proposed to do this is the National Assizes to refound the State.
For the full success of these Assises, Minister MAÏGA said he was convinced of the immense role that political parties could play through their broad participation. “As political parties, you are the linchpin of democracy,” said Ikassa MAÏGA while calling on the parties to a sacred union around Mali.
Explaining to his hosts the objectives as well as the modus operandi of these Assises, the President of the Transition, Colonel GOÏTA, also took the opportunity to call on them to take part in this process of Refoundation. A participation which will be the victory of democracy. Also he reassured them of his availability to consult them permanently on the major questions of the life of the Nation to which he considers that these parties attach great importance. According to his details, it is together that we must correct the flaws in our democracy and work to rebuild Mali.
Specifying the expectations at the end of these Assises, the Head of State indicated that the commitment of all, especially the political class, is necessary in order to meet the many challenges.

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