Good news for mother Ghana and we’re so glad Alhaji Bawumia has listen to our call finally, however, we expect him to in the coming days ensure that his boss, President Akuffo Addo sign the Anti- LGBTQ Bill for this matter to be brought to finality. Without that, we’ll assume is the usual political antics to deceive Ghanaians, like in the case of his promise to build Cape Coast a harbour, like his claim of Shifting the focus of the economic management policy from taxation to production which, turn-out to be the shifting of the focus of economic the management policy from production to more taxation. 5% increase in VAT by making the GETFUND levy and NHIL straight taxes.
5% National Fiscal Stabilization levy
2% Special import levy (extended beyond the expiry date of 2017)
Luxury vehicle tax (GH¢1000 to GH¢2,500 depending on the engine capacity of the vehicle), 50% increase in Communication Service Tax (CST), 1% COVID-19 health recovery levy on the 3% VAT flat rate, making it 4% now.
1% COVID-19 health recovery levy on the 2.5% National Health insurance levy, making it 3.5%, % financial sector clean-up recovery levy.
20 pesewas Energy Sector Recovery Levy on every liter of diesel and petrol
10 pesewas Sanitation levy (Borla) tax on every liter of diesel and petrol
18 pesewas energy sector recovery levy on every kilogram of LPG
30% increase in Energy Sector levies (ESLA)
About 11% increase in Special Petroleum Tax (from 41 pesewas to 46 pesewas) on every liter of diesel and petrol.
200% increase in BOST margin from 3% to 9%
67% increase in Fuel Marking Margin (from 3 pesewas to 5 pesewas) per liter of petrol and diesel
40% increase in Price Stabilization and Recovery Levy on fuel products (from 10 pesewas & 12 pesewas on petrol and diesel respectively, to 14 pesewas and 16 pesewas on diesel and petrol respectively)
25% increase in Primary Distribution margin from 8 pesewas to 10 pesewas
36% increase in Unified Petroleum Price Fund (UPPF) from 36 pesewas to 47 pesewas, not forgetting the Emission levy, 10% betting tax and 3% VAT flat rate amongst others

Ghanaians have leant many bitter lessons from Dr. Bawumia and Nana Addo, and won’t fall for any of his political gymnastics again. This is the same man who inspired hope into the poor that Mobile money will not be taxed so Ghanaians should accept it to save his government from going to the IMF, what happened in the end? Mobile money tax was introduced and yet proceeded to the IMF.
Nobody trust or take Dr. Bawumia’s pronouncements serious again in Ghana. The only man who when is before Christians says he’s an active member of boys brigade and was called Timothy, and when he finds himself amongst Muslims then switch to say “He was chosen because he is a Muslim” isn’t that a double standard?
Ghanaians expect action and not his usual rhetoric. The only way to prove his commitment on the LGBTQ is to persuade his boss, President Akuffo Addo to sign the Anti- LGBTQ Bill as soon as possible.

Umar Harris
Association of Progressive Muslims – Ghana

Press release
11th April,2024
To all media houses

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