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Let’s pay more attention to mental health – Comedian on Funny Face’s predicament

Ghanaian comedian NGO GH is concerned about how little or no attention paid to mental health has amounted to Funny Face’s psychological predicament. According to him, this has led to the escalated numbers of mental health issues in the country.  

In an interview on TV3 New Day, the prolific comedian and host of ‘What Don’t you know’ revealed that most entertainers battle similar psychological glitches. And that all need to pay attention to mental health for better wellbeing.

“We don’t pay attention to mental health. When he (Funny Face) started, we all did not pay attention to him. We all thought he wanted attention. When people start like that, we all think they are craving attention until it escalates.”

He added that pressure on entertainers to stay relevant in the industry also adds to their psychological problems.

“I think there is a lot of pressure on entertainers and celebrities to stay relevant. We know the reality of the industry is that it’s not something that fetches a lot of money. There is a lot of pressure as you are trying to stay relevant,” he added.

NGO Gh further advised that his colleague needs psychological help to enable him to battle his current predicament.

However, he stated that “Funny is a legend. And he will bounce back.”

Funny Face was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at the Accra Psychiatric Hospital following an order by the court after his arrest for threatening his baby mama and others.


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