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Kayamata Seller Jaruma Drags Unnamed Person, Threatens To Spill Secrets

Popular Nigerian Kayanmta seller Jaruma has taken to her page to drag an unknown person who is her client and has threatened to spill her secret.

Due to the recent court case and arrest of Jaruma, she dragged the client without mentioning the name in order not to get herself into trouble. Recall that the husband of Regina Daniels arrested and sued Jaruma for defamation, hence has resorted to dragging people anonymously.

In a series of posts sighed on the page of Jaruma, she disclosed social media influencer whom she referred to as “Mamalawo” has renewed another contract to have a man by her side she called her husband: a life she described as fake life. According to Jaruma, most the people “Mamalawo” has flaunted online are rented people in her life who play certain roles in her life.

According to Jaruma, “Mamalawo” fought and hated Queen Ola the strange wife of the Alaafin of Oyo. She recounted how she dragged Queen Ola and her best friend Sophia Momodu but started advertising for them after she received an amount of 30k.

Jaruma in other allegations also slammed her client she referred to as “Mamalawo” to desist from telling her fans lies that her page is being reported by Jaruma. “No one is trying to delete your page. Touch me one more time and I will spill secrets and fuck up the last 18 people that advertised with you, Biased toxic heartless bitch….”, one of her posts read.

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