Is It True That Delay is Wicked? Abeiku Santana Asks Sandra Ababio During Interview, See Her Reply

Ace broadcaster and host of Atuu on UTV, Abeiku Santana caused a stir when he asked actress Sandra Ababio on the latest edition of the program if indeed Delay (Deloris Frimpong Manso) is wicked as people say.

“People complain that Delay is wicked. She is a cheat. And when you work with her, she doesn’t like to pay back. What was your experience with her?” Abeiku Santana asked Sandra during the interview on Atuu.

In response, Sandra said;

“I would only share my experiences with her. I don’t know about others, but the little I will say is that she only gave some of us the opportunity to show off what is embedded in us. I don’t expect her to give me the platform at the same time fix my car when it’s faulty or feed me when I am hungry. No, she hasn’t signed any contract like that from my point of view. You just need to understand that we all came to work. So at the end of the day, she pays you as expected.

“The only time she is expected to take care of you is when she has signed a contract within a period of time, I know within that time, she will take responsibilities as expected of her. My experience with her was normal ‘Work and Pay’ something. So I don’t think Delay is a cheat. She is just a businesswoman,” she added.


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