Including local players in national teams will attract fans to stadia for domestic competition, says Korley Laryea

Former Great Olympics player Korley Laryea has suggested that integrating Ghana Premier League players into the Black Stars could help boost attendance at domestic league matches.

Laryea’s comments come amid concerns over declining fan interest in the local league over the past three seasons. While some attribute this decline to a perceived drop in quality, Laryea disagrees.

He advocates for allowing local players to represent the national team, believing that their inclusion would generate excitement and draw larger crowds to stadium matches.

“It’s not down, but my advice is they have to use the local players to join the national team,” Laryea stated, emphasizing the importance of player names in football. “When Hearts are playing Kotoko and have about two players in the national team, it will bring the crowd to come and watch the match.”

He further added, “If Kotoko has about two or three players in the national team, Bofoakwa as well, they call supporters from home to come and watch the matches. Our local players are also good.”

Laryea proposes leveraging the presence of local players in the national team to generate interest and support for domestic league matches.


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