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I Won’t Allow Teenagers Abuse Me On Social Media – Actor Yemi Solade

Veteran Nigerian actor Yemi Solade has made a disclosure about not giving teenagers the chance to disrespect him in a recent interview.

The “Elevator Baby” actor in a recent interview with Saturday Beats told the host that he will not allow people to disrespect or abuse him on social media. Yemi Solade disclosed that he is a chieftaincy holder hence won’t allow any throw jabs at him.

“I am human and I am on social media to express myself. I am not there to encourage anybody to throw jabs at me. I am an African man who is a chieftaincy title holder. I cannot allow an 18-year-old to throw jabs at me. I will send that person back to his parents because this is Africa. Social media is not a leveler.”

Speaking about how he feels about his new age,  Solade stated, “I don’t have any particular feeling clocking 62 years. It is identical to outdate me. I’m myself; hale and hearty, and I stay the actor that folks know me to be. My craft has helped to maintain my identity within the trade over time. Lots of people are endeared to me as a result of they recognize good artwork.

“The quality of the training I got and my natural ability to deliver have helped me. Also, my physical attributes (have helped). When Nigerians see anything that looks flashy, they want to surround it. I am very focused. I have been an actor for 45 years, and that speaks volumes. It tells me I am doing well.”

“I pay special attention to my appearance in public. I don’t want to be everywhere. I want my work to speak for me. The creative industry has too many events and I don’t have to attend them all. I just want to do my work and go home, rest, and look forward to the next job. However, that does not mean I don’t attend events. I only select the ones I attend. I never set out to be a popular person. I only wanted to express my innate ability to do theatre arts.”

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