I had $40million in my account but professors were giving me D’s and F’s – McDan

The Chairman of the McDan Group of Companies, Daniel McKorley, widely known as McDan, has candidly discussed the hurdles he encountered academically despite his early career success and substantial wealth.

During a recent conversation, McDan shared the difficulties he faced while pursuing his Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) studies, revealing that he had over $40 million in his account while grappling with academic setbacks.

McDan said he achieved his first million dollars at 28 but lost it by 32 and highlighted the stark contrast between his financial achievements and his academic performance.
“I made my first million dollars at the age of 28 and lost it all at the age of 32. And I remember when I was doing my MBA and… doing my MBA, one of the most difficult parts in life.

“You would run to the class and a professor would look at me and give me D and Fs meanwhile I had 40 million dollars sitting in my account. Can you imagine, can you do that? That is very difficult but we call that discipline,” he stated.

He also stressed the need for continuous personal development, noting, “It’s not just about money; it’s about growth. When you’re young, work hard; as you progress, work smart. Eventually, your money should work for you.”

McDan holds a Bachelor of Science and EMBA from Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA). His reflections provide a glimpse into the complexities of balancing financial success with academic pursuits, shedding light on the perseverance required to navigate such challenges.


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