High Court awaits Appeals decision before advancing Anas-Nyantakyi case

A judge in the High Court of Accra has decided to wait until the conclusion of the Court of Appeals proceedings in the ongoing legal battle between investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas and former president of the Ghana Football Association (GFA), Kwasi Nyantakyi, before taking any further action in the matter.

Originally scheduled for April 30, 2024, the court determined that it could not move forward with hearing evidence unless the higher court resolved outstanding issues related to the admissibility of certain testimonial evidence.

Specifically, the issue revolves around whether Anas should be allowed to provide video evidence while wearing disguises, as depicted in his controversial “#Number 12 expose.”

As a result, the trial has been put on hold until after the Court of Appeals makes its ruling, which is expected sometime later this year.

Meanwhile, the defense lawyers representing Nyantakyi and his codefendant, Abdulai Alhassan, argued that the delays in the case have become unreasonable, citing the need for closure and the burden placed on their clients, particularly those traveling long distances to attend each hearing.

However, the presiding judge ultimately sided with the prosecutors, granting their request for an adjournment until early summer.

During this time, the Court of Appeals will consider various arguments regarding the admissibility of key pieces of evidence, potentially resolving critical questions surrounding the validity of the investigation itself.

The case stems from allegations of fraudulent behavior brought forth by Anas in his infamous #Number 12 exposé, featuring footage secretly recorded undercover at several meetings attended by Nyantakyi and Alhassan, both of whom face multiple criminal counts relating to fraud and abuse of power.

Until the Court of Appeals reaches a final verdict, the fate of these prominent defendants hangs in limbo.


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