Ghanaian workers are the least productive in their own country – Prof. Adei

Professor Emeritus Stephen Adei, a prominent Ghanaian statesman, has raised concerns about worker productivity in Ghana. He claims that Ghanaians may be less productive when employed within the country compared to elsewhere.

Prof. Adei attributes some of the nation’s current economic challenges to work ethic issues. In an interview with GH One Television, he alleged that Ghanaian workers exhibit lower productivity than their global counterparts when working in Ghana.

His research, according to Prof. Adei, suggests that even with equal pay and working conditions, Ghanaians fall short in productivity compared to other African workers. “The Ghanaian worker is one of the least productive worker when they are in Ghana,” Prof. Adei said.

Prof. Adei expressed surprise at his findings, indicating that Togolese workers appeared to demonstrate higher productivity than Ghanaians working in their home country.

He criticized the “aban dwuma” (government work) mentality, which he considers a negative legacy of colonialism in Ghana. This attitude, he suggests, fosters a sense of complacency within the civil service.

Prof. Adei further claimed that low productivity is not limited to the public sector. “Private sector employers are often frustrated,” he stated. He suggests that not only is productivity low but some employees may even engage in disruptive behavior or steal from their workplaces.

“I think one of the worst legacies of colonialism in Ghana in particular is the ‘aban dwuma’ (government work) mentality…,” he said

“The private sector people, sometimes are at the point of weeping, in the sense that not only is productivity low but the people really sabotage and to be blunt are there to steal”.

The situation, according to Prof. Adei, has become concerning enough that some private companies are now resorting to hiring foreigners for specific strategic positions.


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