Gampinny’s #GNBYO is a wake up call to the youth

Gampinny has released the latest single in his upcoming #NimaStory EP slated for November 2020. Ghana No Be Your Own, stylized as #GNBYO, follows in the trend of the previous two singles to speak to the struggles of the the youth.

Where the titular Nima Story was reflective, #GNBYO is a jolt to the listener’s conscience. The song chastises the politician for taking the citizens for a ride while charging the citizens to take up their destinies into their own hands.

“We no go sleep no more,” is both a realisation and an aspiration. It is a realisation of the wickedness of those who take the country for themselves. But it is also an aspiration that we who have realised it will stand up for what is ours. The mellow cadence of the beats are not meant to lull us but to revitalise us for the task of taking our places in the history of our country.

Just like the dread-locked heroes before him, Gampinny is slowly carving out a path for himself as a conscious musician. He is reaching into our hearts to remind us not just of our humanity, but of our responsibilities as a people.

Ghana No Be Your Own is a wake up call. Let’s hope more of us heed that call.

#GNBYO is the third single from the #NimaStory EP following the releases of Nima Story and Healing.

Listen to Ghana No Be Your Own on Audiomack.

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