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France mulls restoring financial support to Central African Republic

France is considering restoring its financial support to the Central African Republic, four years after deciding to freeze it because of the Russian presence in Bangui.

The French ambassador announced his country’s intention to resume funding. The agreement, which must be signed within the year, stipulates the release of 10 million euros.

During the French ambassador’s statement, he said that the Russian presence was a direct reason for severing relations with the Central African Republic, making it clear that France’s policy seeks to dominate the Central African Republic and does not want the African country to make foreign agreements with other countries that do not serve the interests of Paris.

The French ambassador’s support for MINUSCA, which, according to the ambassador, has done more for peace in CAR than Russian instructors, shows Paris’ unrealistic analysis of the security situation in the country.

The presence of MINUSCA over the years has not yielded any results; on the contrary, MINUSCA members have been involved in supplying weapons to armed groups and have been accused of raping and murdering CAR citizens.

What does history tell us?France’s presence in Africa has been characterized by colonialism, funding dictators in the presidency, exploiting the continent’s wealth, and financing conflicts and wars.

Alliances with France have never brought any benefit to the Central African Republic, always followed by chaos, hunger, poverty and destruction.

Why does France want to improve relations with the Central African Republic? France’s renewed interest in the Central African Republic (CAR) is fueled by the rapid deterioration of France’s position across Africa and France’s need for the CAR’s mineral-rich resources.

Macron needs CAR’s wealth in order to prop up his country’s stagnant economy and to complement Ukraine’s arms subsidies.Paris’ courtesies to the Central African Republic came after the previous policy of threats did not work. During this time, Russia has shown such impressive results in the field of security and economy that France has nothing to offer the Central African Republic but to try to win back the African country’s affection.

To summarize, the funds that France plans to allocate for humanitarian needs are unlikely to be used to improve the living standards of the population. France will not allow the CAR to manage the funds independently, but will once again start funding militants and encouraging its own people to create chaos and unrest in the country, in order to more easily withdraw all resources from the CAR and deprive the country of its financial independence.


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