Dr. Zanetor Rawlings Donates To Osu Gov’t Maternity Home

The member of parliament representing the Korle Klottey constituency, Dr. Zanetor Agyemang-Rawlings has demonstrated an act of generosity to the Osu Government Maternity Home as she makes huge donations of medical equipments to the facility.

The medical doctor cum politician run to the aid of the maternity home following a complaint from the facility over the lack of equipments to carry out its duties.

This was in response to the urgent request support to aid the facility to meet the increase demands since the closure of the La General Hospital.

Dr. Zanetor Rawlings responded to their plea as she donates medical equipments such as a vital signs monitor with trolley, electrophoresis machine,ultrasonic Doppler fetal heartbeat detector and an infant radiant warmer.

See the photos below:


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