Dark cloud hangs over Ghana football as 67 members push for amendments

A huge cloud is hanging over Ghana football after 67 members passed key amendments to the 2019 statutes which has ruffled feathers within the Executive Council of the governing body.

54 members petitioned the Ghana FA to activate Article  33 (3) by organising an extraordinary congress to amend portions of the controversial 2019 GFA statutes passed into law by the same body during the normalisation era.

However, the Ghana FA failed to respond to the petition within 14 days – forcing the aggrieved members to proceed to an extraordinary congress in the country’s second largest city, Kumasi, on Tuesday.

The Ghana FA Executive Council is now faced with dealing with the situation which could threaten the administration of football in the West African nation.

The involvement of top football gurus Wilfred Osei Kwaku “Palmer” and George Afriyie as well giants club Asante Kotoko further makes the situation murkier and requires immediate attention as they wield immense influence.

Top premier league clubs including Asante Kotoko, Aduana Stars, Bechem United and Berekum Chelsea as well as Accra Lions, Susubiribi Sporting Club, Tema Youth and B/A United amongst others attended the event.

Below are some of the key amendments they made to the statutes.

  • Article 81 (6) –  Article 81 talks about transitional provisions. However, 81 (6) states that; The number of delegates representing the Division One League shall be reduced to 18 (down from the current 48) at the latest by the end of the second football season following the adoption of these Statutes. That clause has been totally struck out. So all 48 Division One League clubs shall retain their status as congress members.
  • 39 Powers of the Executive Council – 39 (K); “Approve and issue regulations governing the conditions of participation in and the staging of competitions organised by GFA;
  • Article 27 Areas of the authority of congress – Give Article 39 (k) powers to congress.
  • Article 37 Composition of the Executive Council – Two (2) RFA Chairmen elected by the ten Regional Chairmen – New amendment all 10 members of the RFA go to sit on the ExCo.
  • Article 26 said; For the Women’s Premier League Competition Clubs, eight(8) delegates of which at least five (5) shall be women; Has now been changed to For the Women’s Premier League Competition Clubs, twenty (20) delegates of which at least five (5) shall be women;
  • Still on Article 26 which speaks about the composition of congress. The Original article said; The Congress shall be composed of one hundred and forty-eight(148) delegates. The number of delegates is allocated as follows: For each of the ten (10) Regional Football Associations, two (2) delegates Now amended to; for each of the ten (10) Regional Football Associations, three (3) delegates.
  • Article 37 Composition of the Executive Council 1. The Executive Council consists of 12 members constituted as follows: But, this has now been amended to; The Executive Council consists of 20 members

Amendments were made to the following Articles/clauses in the GFA Statutes

Article 26: Composition of Congress

The composition of delegates for congress has increased from 124 to 148( increase in women’s premier league clubs representation from 8 to 20. Increase in Regional Football Association representation from 20 to 30).

Article 27: Areas of authority 

An introduction of a new clause in Article 27(q), which takes away the power to approve and issue regulations for the organization of the competitions of the GFA from the GFA Executive Council to Congress.

Article 37(1):  Composition of the Executive Council

The size of the Executive Council has been increased from 12 to 20.

Article 39: Powers of the Executive Council

Article 39(k) which gives powers to the Executive Council to approve and issue regulations have been deleted.

Article 81: Transitional Provisions

The whole Article has been deleted.


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