Cheddar doubles down on controversial claim ‘to bring sea access to landlocked Kumasi’

Nana Kwame Bediako, known as Cheddar and the leader of the New Force Movement, has restated his belief in the transformative potential of water bodies to improve lives globally.

This follows criticism of his campaign promise to dredge a sea route to the landlocked city of Kumasi in Ghana’s Ashanti Region to boost industrialisation.

In an interview with Citi TV, the independent presidential aspirant reaffirmed his commitment to this ambitious vision, insisting it is achievable if he is elected. “Talking about bringing the sea to Kumasi, I believe many people in this country have travelled and seen the benefits of water bodies. The youth, who make up the majority of our population, are enlightened and understand this. If you look at the 50 best-developed cities in the world today, like London, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, and Dubai, they are all built around water. Water is life; it supports irrigation and numerous other benefits.”

Cheddar stressed the importance of water for transportation and connectivity, drawing parallels with canal and ferry systems in England. “Seas connect the world, and rivers and lagoons connect regions. Dredging them creates connections within communities and spurs development. If we could connect water bodies to places like Tamale, it would have a cooling effect on the weather.”

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He elaborated on the feasibility of his vision, citing existing examples: “The Pra River flows to the sea in Cape Coast and reaches Kumasi. The Tano River flows to Takoradi and Elubo. In Ivory Coast, a major dredging project brought sea water into a river body in the middle of a city. These projects are possible and can be seen worldwide.”

Cheddar articulated his broader vision for Ghana: “I’m talking about a transformative vision for this nation. For 100 years, Ghanaians have not considered the full potential of their water resources. We need to use our water for transportation, irrigation, and to open up new opportunities.”

When asked directly if he would dredge a sea route to Kumasi, he confirmed, “Yes, I said that I would dredge.”

Addressing his critics, he stated, “People have the right to criticize and even insult when you propose bold ideas like this. My only concern is that those who do so should be intelligent enough to offer better solutions than those they criticize.”


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