Changing a Constitution is not only through Coup – Hardi Yakubu

The Fighter-General of the Economic Fighters League, Hardi Yakubu, has said the latest demands for the Constitution of Ghana to be changed is not tantamount to calling for a coup d’etat as we are being made to believe by those  wanting to cast doubt on such demands.

Taking to Facebook, the social activist said this would not be the first time a flawed and partial constitution would be set aside as “we threw away the 1957 independence constitution and adopted the 1960 republican constitution. There was no coup. There was no bloodshed. It was an entirely civil process.”

The call for a new constitution was one of the key demands made by the August 4 #FixTheCountry protesters referring to the current one as a Sakawa Constitution.

They said the current 1992 Constitution of the Republic was deliberately drafted and gazetted with articles such as Article 71 to give the political elite unfair treatment and emoluments at the expense of the suffering citizens they are supposed to be serving.

Hardi, as he is affectionately called, said, it will not be a unique act to heed to the cry of the many citizens demanding a change in constitution and it should not be a difficult task to undertake as other nations such as “Chile has already voted to write an entirely new consideration to replace its tyrannical, Pinochet constitution and has began the process.”

“Peru is about to go the same route,” he added.

“The test of a people is in their ability to accept the need for change and change in their own interest,” he stressed.

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