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Barack Obama gives speech at climate

Former US President Barack Obama receives a rapturous applause as he begins his speech in Glasgow.

He says it’s wonderful to be in the UK and jokes that it’s wonderful to be able to travel anywhere these days – referring to the Covid pandemic.

He says he is here to talk about what has happened in the six years since the climate change conference in Paris.

“When it comes to climate time really is running out,” he says.

Obama to give speech to COP26 shortly

As we’ve been reporting, former US President Barack Obama is in Glasgow today, and he’s due to give a speech to the conference very shortly.

Earlier he addressed a panel discussing the risk faced by islands from climate change. He made reference to his successor, President Donald Trump, as well as the difficulty of doing politics in the US as the current president’s climate proposals have been held up in Congress.

We’ll bring you what Obama has to say right here.


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